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All about Teacup Pigs

All about Teacup Pigs


Teacup pigs are literally about the size of a tea mug when born and gain the size of a medium-sized dog when fully grown up. These pets are desirable for a longer lifespan and have many positive reasons to keep as pets. Teacup pigs are the most suitable for the people prone to allergies and have friendly behavior. They are very intelligent and it is not difficult to train them. They would require plenty of attention, in the beginning, to become socially smart. Rewarding their good behavior and taking care of their diet is essential to keep a track of their health.


Teacup pigs need proper handling as there is a probability of them to get out of control. They will start understanding you within a few days and would respond in a right manner. Pigs can eat anything you give them but it is always advisable to give properly calculated food to remain fit. They can be given seasonal vegetables and fruits along with the pet food to eat in small quantities. A bowl of water is preferred to keep if you are not staying at home with them during your job time. A wrong meal plan can create many issues for the pigs and they start becoming unhealthy and obese with overeating. Hence, the owner has to make sure that they’re giving limited and quality meals to the pet which are prescribed by their veterinarian.


It is important to give a proper playtime to the pet. It will keep them fit and out of trouble. The real trouble with pets is their mood variation which is also caused only due to lack of sound health. Pig proofing of your house would be necessary to protect your things and food items from these notorious creatures. The owners have to make sure that the pig eats only the prescribed amount of food and not everything in one go. These creatures can get obese very quickly and this is the major reason for giving them the required diet and workout sessions.


It is not easy to train any pet but pigs are quite intelligent. You can train them by adopting various motivational ways. Bad behavior or ill-treatment will make them go away from you. It is undesirable to physically hurt the baby pig and hence, they should be carefully handled for training. These animals are a bit different from standard pets like dogs and cats. Many celebrities have made it trendy to own teacup pigs and their popularity has enhanced with such cases. The reality is that there are not too many reputed breeders in the US to provide the good quality mini pigs. No one can determine the size of a grown-up pig from their tiny structure. It can only be seen by comparing them with their parents. Mini pigs are socially expressive and weigh about 50 pounds. They can become prone to genetic diseases. They live up to 20 years but again, it depends on the health and care given to the mini pig.


Teacup pigs are the best to keep at home. They can be pampered and loved like a little baby and this will give a chance for them to develop in the best way. You will receive all the love from them in return. Keeping a pet requires a lot of attention as it is not simply as an animal but a family member. The terms and conditions of the sales/adoption policies have to be signed up before bringing these animals home. You give confirmation about keeping the pet safely by pre-gathering all information about it before the adoption. There are a few sellers for teacup pigs and they will give confirmation only if the pig is available for adoption.


Before purchasing a pig, check its health guarantee certification to make sure that the baby is free from any communicable diseases or health issues at the time of purchase. Piglets would require a medical pet specialist to maintain a good health record. Deworming of the pet is important on regular basis. The male piglets are neutered and females are spayed before handing over to the parents. You can check out the picture of the parents of the baby pigs before making the right decision about keeping them home. It will give you an idea about the maximum size to which the baby pig will reach.


Preparations to bring a baby pig


It is recommended to read a lot about the baby pig to make sure that you are quite comfortable in keeping them home. New piglets require your full attention and it would be similar to taking care of your little baby. The pig will be nervous in the beginning and would get close to you with time. In the early stages, you will have to make them poop and clean their mess but as you train them, they will become accustomed to poop at the place described by you. These creatures are witty and it won’t be a problem for you to make them learn something. You can even get a litter box for the same purpose.


Special bedding for the little piggy is necessary. They feel comfortable in the warmth of their own comfort zone and love their blankets in the best way.  You can check out some pig homes and also look for the experiences shared by people on the web regarding the pigs. There are a few different things to consider while keeping a pet. You can check out piglets in some events conducted in many parts of the US. The right suggestion is that if you don’t feel that it is feasible for you to keep the pet, you might return it to the breeder or open an adoption request for it. It is never good to stress the life of your pet as you will be responsible for your piglet.


Pigs are adorable and it would be really fun to include them in your family. It will be a feeling of love and care in your life.

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