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Teacup pigs: Majestic Pets

Teacup pigs: Majestic Pets

There are many names given to teacup pigs due to their cute and mini appearance. These are the smaller versions of farm pigs which we’ve seen from a long time. These sweet creatures have a different look with a unique size suitable for keeping at home. Pampered Piglets says: ” Having a teacup pig as a pet is a sure way to become vegan”.

Some people don’t know about these pets. Whenever they hear the word pig, they think about the farm pigs having a huge structure having a habit of mud rolling and eating anything coming their way. They can’t even frame a picture of the pig having good manners and sitting in the living room like other house pets. The pigs like this are quite enviable and have many qualities to be kept as a pet in the house. You will fall in love with them by spending a few hours daily.

Teacup pigs are getting highly popular for the reason of their cute appearance and clean attributes. It is really hard to believe for some people but these pigs are actually hygienic and very desirable. They are named as ‘teacup pigs’ because when they are born, they are so tiny that they can even fit a teacup. Isn’t it too small and cute? A fully grown teacup pig is between 40-70 pounds which is ten times lesser than a pot-bellied pig. These pigs are very friendly and look so attractive with their tiny structures.


Teacup pig becomes fully grown when they get about three years old and their lifespan is approximately 15-20 years. These are great pets and easy to care than even dogs. If you’ve already had a dog in the house and keep the mini pigs, you’d realize that these animals are somehow easier to keep at home. These are popular pets to be kept even in city apartments or small houses which is a benefit. You must remember that these pigs are tiny and won’t reach the level of big dogs. So, it would be suitable to keep them at the most suitable places.

Training & Exercising

Pigs can be litter trained like dogs and cats. These intelligent pets would never disappoint you as they are highly intelligent and affectionate towards people. They are better learners than dogs and cats which makes them highly desirable. The pigs have to be carefully bought up by fixing proper exercising and social schedules. This aggressiveness can be the result of the negligence of the owner and could be similar in the case of other pets too. Motivation is the key to make these pets learn the general things. Keep in mind that these little pets are ever willing to learn the new things and you can train them in any right way without involving physical punishments.

Activities & Food habits

Daily walks and playing will make mini pigs more attached to the owner. Make sure that they don’t get too fatty as it is their tendency to gain weight. Overweight pets are never good anyway. Your way of feeding them has to be very strict as they will look for the food and goodies everywhere in the house. If you don’t balance out the food, they will go out of the track. The weight and health statics of the pig has to be carefully noted on every visit to the vet. These little animals are notorious and look forward to the food everywhere in the house. There is special feed for teacup buddies available in the market and you can check out with their doctor to feed them in the best way. Seasonal fruits and raw veggies in limited quantity can also be provided to the pet.

Attention seekers

Teacup pigs would require your attention like a small baby. You can give them toys to play and they would be happy to play with them. Keep them by your side even when you are watching TV or doing some work. It will make them contented from inside and increase their comfort level with you. You can get rid of your office tensions by looking at their funny habits and plays. Pig proofing your home (similar to childproof) is very essential. These animals are quite intelligent and curious to search for different things in the home. You need to restrict their habit of taking out food in the kitchen or spilling off the water on your floor by keeping a check on the same.

Why should you own a teacup pig?

  • Clean and odor free creatures
  • Longer life span
  • No chance of flees and allergens
  • Easily trainable
  • No barking issues
  • Less shedding
  • Low maintenance animals
  • Communicative and Intelligent
  • Less destructive and aggressive

Despite these advantages, there are a few disadvantages of petting teacup pigs:

  • Making your house pig zoned and locking kitchen drawers for prohibiting unnecessary access
  • Some pigs become quite manipulative and aggressive due to lack of training
  • Not too many vets are available to treat the pigs and it could be troublesome
  • Commitment, time and energy is required from the owner’s end to bond with these animals

The most important thing is to give a proper place to the pig for playing and they must be given an adequate care, in the beginning, to avoid making them aggressive. If you are living in a rented apartment, make sure that you check the society laws or owners consent to plan for keeping teacup pig. The joy of keeping a pet is endless but you can’t compromise with their health and happiness. The pig has to be treated like a newborn baby in the beginning and they will bond with the family members in the most desirable way. These pigs are very loving and would be the best choice for the people living alone or with other pets. They get associated with all the family members and pets which don’t create any hassle. You can trust them for getting all the love and they will in return demand for pampering.